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Dash Cams - Front and Rear Options to Consider

This article looks at different types of dash cams and compares the features of front and rear models. It provides information on choosing the best dash cam.

What to Look for in a Dash Cam

When choosing a dash cam, there are several features you'll want to keep in mind. First and foremost is video quality. Many dash cams now offer 1080p resolution, but some budget models may be lower. You'll also want to make sure the camera has a wide field of view so you can see everything that's happening around your vehicle.
Night vision is another important feature, as it will allow you to see what's happening even when it's dark outside. Look for a model with good low-light performance.
Audio quality is also important if you want to be able to hear what's going on around your vehicle or inside of it. Many dash cams now come with built-in microphones, but if yours doesn't, you can always add an external one.
Finally, ease of use is something to consider when choosing a dash cam. Make sure the model you choose is easy to install and operate so you can focus on driving instead of fiddling with your camera.

The Benefits of a Dash Cam

Most people are aware of the benefits of a security camera in their homes or business. However, many are not aware of the benefits of having a dash cam in their car. Here are four benefits of having a dash cam in your vehicle:
1. They can provide video evidence in the event of an accident.
If you are involved in an accident, a dash cam can provide video evidence that can be used to determine who is at fault. This can be especially helpful if there are no other eyewitnesses to the accident.
2. They can help deter crime.
The presence of a dash cam can deter criminals from targeting your vehicle. They are less likely to take the risk if they know that their actions will be recorded.
3. They can help you avoid false accusations.
False accusations of reckless driving or other traffic violations are becoming more common as people look for ways toemies0-earn money through litigation. Having video footage from a dash cam can help refute these false claims and clear your name driven pursue damages for defamation if appropriate In Some instances where violent crimes have been committed.

How Do Front And Rear Dash Cams Work

The front and rear dash cams work differently. The front cam is always on and recording. The rear cam only turns on when the car is in reverse. Both cameras record in HD quality. The data is saved to a microSD card. If there is an accident, the data can be used to help determine what happened.

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